22 August 2018 RP5 websites provide close to real time observational data, obtained from an unofficial (i.e. non-state) weather station in Simferopol. See Weather Archive and Weather in Simferopol.

16 July 2018 We have released a new version of "Weather rp5 (2018)" application for Android devices.

What's new

1. We have added 94 very beautiful nature photos for widgets. The total number of photos for widgets is 110.

2. Weather data is updated when opening the application from the background mode.

3. At the request of users from India, Romania and other countries, the application language is replaced by default from Russian to English. If the phone is not set to Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish or English, the application is set to English, and not Russian, as before.

You can install the above mentioned version of the app
1) from the website (rp5): page header -> Applications (i) -> *.apk-file
(This is convenient for those users who have been blocked from downloading files from "Google Play")
2) from Google Play".

22 March 2018 The language of the rp5 web servers has been updated from PHP 5 to PHP 7. The above mentioned update has improved the performance of rp5 websites: the average download time of web pages has decreased by 1.6 times, the load on the central processor has decreased by 1.7 times.

19 March 2018 Additional work on adjusting forecasts based on METAR data has been completed (see below on March 12, 2018). Now, automatic correction (smoothing) of detectable errors of the air temperature forecast for the next few hours is made as follows:
1) if METAR and SYNOP observations are made at the same distance from the location, METAR observations are taken into account;
2) if METAR and SYNOP observations are made at different distances from the location, the observations of the nearest weather station is taken into account (METAR or SYNOP).

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